Laser Red Vein / Skin lesion Removal

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This is a very effective treatment for the removal of broken capillaries on the face, and deep-set spider veins on the body using ND Yag laser. Results can be seen instantly as the vein is being broken down at the time of treatment.

This treatment can only be done by a licensed practitioner, Sang is a licensed a  practitioner with over 32 plus years of experience,  so you can assure you are in safe hands, further when performing on a bigger area we will follow the treatment with complimentary Low laser therapy to promote healing. 

Sang Recovery Balm is also used as aftercare to speed up healing

Spot treatment of 5 mins is done on the very 1st treatment.

One spot -$88 per spot 

Subsequent spots                   - $120 up to 5mins

Bigger area -Full Face             - $266  include 

Bigger area - Neck and Face  -  $532  include complimentary Low laser therapy to                                                        promote healing