High Performance Facial

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Sang specialised non-invasive anti-ageing skin treatment that is not on offer anywhere else, with over 32 years plus experience in the skin industry and a creator of her own skincare range, Sang has a deep understanding of the skin healing and ageing reprocess, with her experience she has put together a signature HIGH-PERFORMANCE FACIAL  treatment by combining all or combinations of our anti-ageing treatments to removes all skin imperfection and stimulate natural skin collagen, this is not only able to reverse the sign of ageing, but it will also keep the skin young by activating our natural cellular response keeping the skin active which slow down the effect of aging and the results is a soft and natural youthful face and a healthy glowing skin.

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift
  • Dermabrasion
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Laser Injectable
  • Non-Thermo Laser

What to expect?

Prior to treatment, Sang will discuss your concern and she will customise a treatment within the allowed time frame of your treatment to deliver the most effective treatment for your skin.

The issues that will be addressed:

Improve the general health of the skin, given the skin a younger look, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, tone and lift the contour of the face, get rid of all skin imperfection such as open pores, broken capillaries, acne and acne scarring, dark circle and puffiness under  the eyes, removal of skin tags, even out hyperpigmentation

1 hour
$240 VIP Members 
$266 Non-Members

2  hours
$448 VIP Members
$480 Non-Members


3 hours
$612 VIP Members
$681 Non-Members

MORE INFORMATION: Please feel free to reach out to her on sang@sangnaturalhealth.com 

  • booking availability is limited 
  • Members priority booking
  • Payment can be done at the time of your appointment