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Electrolysis hair removal

Unwanted hair growth on a woman, transgender or not, can be upsetting and very embarrassing. Electrolysis hair removal is the most reliable option available today to permanently remove hair.

Sang is an expert when it comes to permanent hair removal by electrolysis and has been performing this service for over 32 years. She is also experienced in laser hair removal but now chooses to only work with electrolysis for the reason that it is a forgotten art, and is not readily available in many clinics. To be skillful at this art requires years of training and practice. This is why it is very critical that you find an electrologist that the capable of removing your facial hair with minimum use of treatments, and without causing unsightly scarring, pitting, or discolouration to the skin.

The important fact about permanent hair removal is that electrolysis will be able to work on all hair types, where hair laser will not

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Facts on electrolysis hair removal

  • Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal.
  • Works on all hair colors, skin types, and body parts.
  • Has over 125 years of clinically proven safety and effectiveness, and is by far has the best and longest track record of results.
  • It destroys the growth center of the hair with chemical reaction LYE and heat.
  • Electrolysis work by killing the stem cells responsible for hair growth. These are located in an area called ‘the Bulge’, in the upper part of the follicle. Once the bulge is killed, no hair will be able to grow.


Two types of electrolysis hair removal

There are two types of electrolysis used for permanent hair removal, Thermolysis (flash ) and Blend technique. Sang prefers to use the blend technique as she has found it to be more effective and much more comfortable for the clients, taking away the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation of the treated area, particularly on dark skin.

Thermolysis, also known as the flash technique, is where high-frequency currents ( heat Current ) are used at quite a high dosage. It is inserted in and out of the follicles, and the high dosage of heat can be very painful to the patients, also increasing the risk of scarring. Furthermore, insertion of the probe with HF currents alone is more difficult as often, it needs to push through the dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin.


Electrolysis with the blend technique uses 2 types of currents: High frequency and galvanic. The galvanic is a product of a chemical reaction called “LYE”, which is toxic to the hair but not the body this effect last for 24 hours after the treatment, also galvanic current is able to melt the dead skin cells, allowing for easy insert of the probe, once the probe is reached to the bottom of the follicles this is when the HF is then introduced to heat up the lye.

How you know the difference to whether if you are having a Thermolysis or the Blend technique done? , with the blend technique you will be asked to hold onto a damped electrode which able the galvanic current to past through

What is the difference between electrolysis and laser?

  • Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method that is recognized and approved as such by the FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration). The FDA is an agency of the US government that regulates a broad range of consumer products, services, and drugs in order to ensure not only the efficiency of the product but also the safety of the consumer. The FDA has carefully examined the electrolysis technique and has expressed that it’s safe and that it permanently removes hair.
  • Laser hair removal, on the other hand, cannot be marketed as permanent hair removal since the effects are often temporary. While laser hair removal can result in a permanent reduction in growth, it can’t permanently stop future hair growth, unlike electrolysis. Lasers can reduce hair counts by 40 to 80 percent according to the latest scientific articles.
  • The laser is less effective than electrolysis because it targets the pigment of the hair that is only found in the Bulb, not the Bulge where the growth cells are. The damage to the hair is considerable enough that it will slow the growth cycle for a couple of months before reappearing. The other advantage of electrolysis is that it is suitable for pretty much all skin tones and hair colours, unlike laser hair removal.
  • Laser first? The simple rule is: Do laser first if you have dark hair and light skin. If you have dark skin or light hair, skip laser and do electrolysis from the start.

Treatment time

Why do I need more than one session to permanently clear an area?

  • The hair follicle is one of the only organs that cyclically degenerates and regenerates from stem cells. Each hair follicle perpetually goes through 3 stages: growth (anagen), involution (catagen), and rest (telogen).
  • That permanent results of electrolysis hair removal can only be achieved over a period of time. That is why we ask you to shave the hair 3 days before your electrolysis session, so the only hairs in the growing stage can be seen above the surface of the skin at the time of treatment as this is the phase that we want to be removed during the electrolysis session.
  • The Electrologist cannot change the growth cycle, so the treatments have to be repeated for those hairs that were not in the right phase of growth. As the sessions go on, treatments will take less and less time.

How many treatments will I need?

  • This varies from person to person, but the unwanted hair that is gone will be gone forever.
  • Generally speaking, you are likely to require treatment for at least 12 months.
  • It can take anything from 8 months up to 2 years in some cases.
  • We realize that this will seem like a very wide timeframe, but it is just impossible to be more specific due to a wide variation in response to treatment.
  • We still don’t fully know all factors that account for the difference in total treatment time.
  • If we feel we have a bad killing rate after your first session, we will switch to a different method or adjust our settings.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

  • You can choose between a fast track of 3 weeks in between session (but with fewer hairs treated per sessions).
  • We recommend a 4 weeks track for the best balance between total timeframe and cost-efficiency.
  • Maximum time in between sessions is 16 weeks.
  • In some situations, patients will prefer a short session weekly, then 2 weeks, 3 weeks then so on, to the point of just whenever they feel they need a session. This can be discussed at the first session.

What does it cost and how do I book?

Cost is price per 15mins, for the booking contact Sang prior booking.

Is hair removal painful?

  • We work with the tolerate of either your skin or your pain tolerance, whichever comes first to make to comfortable for you.

How to prepare

Before your first electrolysis hair removal treatment, you should be aware of the following:

  • No epilation or waxing for as long as you can stand it, to allow Sang to see your hair growth.
  • Stop shaving three days before your treatment.

This ensures that your facial hair or body hair is long enough to achieve optimum results. You should also make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing.

What will happen during my session?

  • During your first session of electrolysis hair removal, Sang will look at your skin and your hair growth and explain everything you need to know and draw up a treatment plan.
  • During the treatment, the patient is simply lying down while the probes are inserted and the hair removed. The probes are then re-inserted into more hair follicles and so on.
  • The epilator probe is inserted via the hair shaft. The skin is not damaged because the probe is passing through a natural opening. The insertion of the probe is virtually painless.
  • The probe then gives off an electric current for a few seconds.
  • Finally, the hair is removed from the skin using tweezers.
  • We usually give a short 5-minute break every hour, and of course, bathroom breaks are always given if, and when needed.


After your electrolysis hair removal session, you should definitely remember the following:

  • Apply Sang Formula No.1 Recovery Balm for a quick and effective recovery which will also help to reduce any swelling.
  • For the first three days after the treatment, do not use make-up, sun cream, products containing alcohol, or scrubs.
  • Avoid intensive sun exposure for about three to five days.

Which skin reaction can I expect after my treatment?

On the day you have had your treatment, the skin may be pink or red and you may feel a burning sensation. This varies from one person to another and it is temporary. Scabs may also temporarily appear on the skin. It is important to leave these alone, to prevent infection and scarring. There may also be slight temporary swelling of the skin.

The risks

  • There are generally no permanent side effects.
  • The risk of electrolysis hair removal is epidermal injury and damage to epidermal melanin. Epidermal injury may result in scarring.
  • Damage to the epidermal melanin may result in hypopigmentation spots. If the damage to the dermis is too big, pitting can also be a consequence.
  • Finding an electrologist with a lot of experience is key to reduce your chance on side effects.

MORE INFORMATION: Please feel free to reach out to her on sang@sangnaturalhealth.com 

  • booking availability is limited 
  • Members priority booking
  • Payment can be done at the time of your appointment