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Eyebrows Sculpturing & Tints

The eyebrows are a very important part of the face and with the right shape, it can make a huge difference to the face. Sang has perfect a unique sculpturing technique that will not just open up the eyes it will add more definition and volume to the eyebrows and give the eyebrows lifting effect.

Eyebrows Tints: Sang custom mixed the tint to each individual to have naturally soft and long-lasting tints, we promise you won't look like you got caterpillars on your eyebrows :)

Eyebrows Sculpturing                   20min               $30.00

Eyebrows tints                              30min               $20.00

Eyebrows Sculpturing & tints      30min               $40.00       

Eyelashes Tints & Eyelash Perm

Special care is taking to paint on the tints to get every single lash from the top to the bottle to give it the most volume.

Eyelashes Perm: You will be amazed by how long your lashed will look, no glue, no lashes falling out, and no touch-up, and the results will last for weeks.

Eyelash tint                                       20min                $30.00  

Eyelash Perm                                    60min                $80.00

Grooming Package: Brow sculpture and lash and brows tints     

                                                           50min                 $65.00 

Grooming Package: Brow sculpture and lash and brows tints  with Eyelash Perm

                                                          1:45min               $140.00


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