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We Specialise in permanent hair removal by electrolysis

The important fact about permanent hair removal:

Both Hair Laser and Electrolysis is very effective when the right treatment is used by an experienced operator, depending on the types of hair that are being treated. As not everyone is the right candidate for hair laser or electrolysis, even though certain laser is said to be suitable for all hair types.

To get the most effective method for you Sang will determine after a consultation to determine the best approach for you there are cases that sometimes a combination of Laser and Electrolysis together will give the best result.

Why are we your best answer to hair removal?

Sang provide this services as a need for an alternative to laser hair removal, where as you know is very readily available in many Centres, but unfortunately, electrolysis is a losing art and is still needed for people who do not response to Hair laser 

Sang has over 30 years of experience in both electrolysis and providing Laser hair removal as long as it has been available. 

Sang will advice you if electrolysis is the treatment for you.


Please feel free to reach out to her on reception@sangnaturalhealth.com