Laser Injectable

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A must have experience, the latest in anti-aging, using a Non-thermal laser to inject energy to regenerate facial muscle.  This is important to prolong a more youthful complexion, because as we age our muscle shrink, losing its fullness, resulting in the face becoming hollow and aged.

During the treatment no needles or fillers are used, we use laser probes to inject laser energy into the  muscles, results can be seen for the very first treatment with a more radiant and  plumper complexion


  • Regenerates facial muscle
  • Adds fullness to the face
  • Add more definition to the face
  • Open up the eyes
  • Pull up the corners of the mouth
  • Create more fullness to the face
  • Refine and reduce lines 
  • Reduces dark circle and puffiness under the eye
  • Refine the jawline
  • Improves double chin

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