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All of our anti aging the treatments at SANG Natural Health has been researched and developed by Sang Ha and are exclusive to SANG’s.  Our treatments are based on her Asian heritage, culture and tradition along with her Western education and over  30 years of clinical experience.  Her belief is to combine the best technology with truly natural products along with incorporating Eastern and Western techniques. Sang, and her team are not only able to bring a unique heavenly experience, but guarantee to deliver the best possible result. “How do we know that this is true?”  The testimonial is in the growth of her business, which started from ground zero over 30 years ago and now has a base of over 5000 clients and growing.

An important fact SANG ’s skincare

Sang's S.O.S. Skincare Collection, is a medicinal plant-powered skincare, powered with the highest concentration of potent natural healing

ingredients and our unparalleled delivery system.  Based on the philosophy of aromatherapy and herbal medicine, it is a plant-based skincare containing all of the necessary nutritional and healing properties.
It is results driven, which had been proven over time and time again by our clients. It actually works !!!

What can be done to slow down and reduce the signs of aging?

Apart from healthy diet and exercise, detoxing and stress relief treatments. Having a good skincare   that containing all the necessary nutritional and healing properties is essential as it is like food for the skin .
But even with the best skincare , professional treatments are needed, our  customise designed  anti-aging programme  works at a cellular level to stimulate our  bodies  natural collagen, as well as correcting skin imperfection, our programme  addresses  all of the factors of aging, which causes  poor texture of the skin, loss of elasticity and tones, lines, wrinkles and along with the sagginess of the skin.

Our State-of-the-art technology to TURN BACK TIME for a younger you without surgery and with no down time so you can get back to work straight away. 

Aging happens to everybody, but study has shown that only 30% of aging is biological and 70 % is external factors such as diet, lack of exercise, stress, pollution and incorrect skin routine.

For the best result, a combination of these treatments are set out in a programme, customised to each individual needs, upon request Sang herself will set out the programme to suit your required treatments and budget.

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