Sang Ha 

Sang Natural Health and Sang Skin Care


Sang Ha is a  leading cosmetic skin specialist; delivering natural advanced anti-ageing skin treatment and skin care.  As "Health & Beauty without Compromising your Health" is our motto, we do not do not use any products or provide any treatments that we feel will be toxic and potentially harmful to our health.

Feel confident about your skin and yourself with Australia’s most experienced skin, laser specialist.

All skin services at Sang Natural Health are performed by Sang herself, we provide the most advanced clinically proven treatments, that are results driven.  With over 30 years of clinical experience in the skin care profession, she truly understands the skin from her years of hands-on experience, study, and research.  She understands the impact that daily life has on the skin.

Sang only uses and endorses her own skin care products at Sang Natural Health Centre.  These contain only the purest of essential oils, parabens free preservatives, and delicate plant oil extracts.  Her philosophy is to combine the best technology with truly natural products that are plant-based and attribute to high performance. Therefore, she is able to give her clients the best results possible. 


Aesthetician and Physiatric Diplomas, beauty therapy, laser therapy for dermatology and scar repair, musculoskeletal condition, pain and wound management.  She is also a very experienced aromatherapist.

Sang is a certified Trainer.  All of the treatments at Sang Natural Health have been researched and developed by herself.  These treatments are exclusive to Sang Natural Health.  

Sang developed her own personal range of skin care products in response to a need for natural skin care is results driven, chemical free, toxin-free, and does not contain any harmful ingredients or side effects.

She helps her clients with their skin concerns, by combining both Western and traditional Asian methods.  Sang has mastered the perfect balance of creating a range that contains a high concentration of potent natural healing ingredients and an unparalleled delivery system.  Based on aromatherapy and herbal medicine, her skincare range is like food for the skin; containing all the necessary nutritional and healing properties that the skin needs.