Sang's Skin Care Collection

Sang's Skin Care Collection, is a medicinal plant-powered skincare, powered by the highest concentration of potent natural healing ingredients and our unparalleled delivery system.  Based on the philosophy of aromatherapy and herbal medicine, it is a plant-based skincare containing all of the necessary nutritional and healing properties.

It is results driven, which had been proven over time and time again by our clients. It actually works !!!

Sang's Skin Care Collection flagship product is the groundbreaking Recovery Balm. It is called by many of our clients, "The Healing Balm".  It is our patent-pending formula of natural healing ingredients and pure essential oils. SANG Recovery Balm is reported to help to immediately soothe skin irritation, dramatically reduce inflammation, support skin healing, and assist in healing damaged skin conditions.  SANG Recovery Balm has a beautiful aromatherapy aroma and it feels amazing on the skin.

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