Fat and Cellulite Reduction

Our unique fat and cellulite reduction system is designed to cater to your individual needs. This is a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Our system consist of 6 phase:

PHASE 1- Nutritional cleansing program 

The nutritional program rids the body of impurities and natural accelerators help to raise your metabolic rate  -support by our in-house Naturopath.

PHASE 2- Break down fat and cellulite

Treatment: The Clinical Body Shaper 

The Clinical Body Shaper is the NEW, Non- Invasive Treatment System for  reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite

PHASE 3 -Break down Cellulite

Treatment: G5 massage System

The G5 Massage System breaks down fat cells and cellulite and improves lymphatic drainage.

PHASE 4 - Detox

Treatment: Infrared Sauna 

The detox phase is very important as 70% of the body toxins are released through the skin. 

PHASE 5 - Firming and Toning

Treatment: Contour Body Wrap and also the G5 will help to tighten and toning of the skin

PHASE 6 - Whole Body Nutrition

Take advantage of our in-house Nutritionist /Naturopath to set up a support program to maintain your weight loss, promote overall health and reduce unhealthy craving.

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