Phuoc Ha -QLD, Australia

Posted by Sang Ha on

“After I burned nearly half of my face from the gas cooker I was in a lot of pain and was so worried that I would be scared for life, after telling my big sister what had happened she put me on to the S.O.S Balm.

I am very grateful for the S.O.S balm, straight after applying the balm I quickly noticed the relief of the pain and the reduction of the redness, I continued applied it thickly every 3-4 hours as recommended.

After the 5th day the skin started to peel and by the 11th day my skin had mostly return to normal and by the 8th weeks it has completely healed. I would recommend this product because it healed my burn and left no scarring as shown in the photos. Within 2 months,

During the time of day 1st to the 11th day I told my mum I was very sick and could not visit her as I did not want to worry her, by the 11th day when I arrived at her place for diner she did not know what had happened.”

 Burn Healing