Natalie Sam - QLD, Australia

Posted by Sang Ha on

“I have eczema and without the Balm it would irritate my face and get itchy, red and hot. The eczema would spread all over my face. Before I found out about the Balm I was using a steroid cream, which would help it but thinned out my skin and I started getting broken capillaries from using it. My skin is less irritated and the redness disappeared straight away. It’s a miracle product for my face, without it my face would flare up.”
“I had also use the Rose Soothing Balm on my dark pigment scars– I find the black scarring faded away and completely disappeared after one week. Which helped boost my self-esteem, as I’m very insecure about my skin.”
“I had also have use the Rose Soothing Balm for burn and this is what I found: Thick layer of application was applied and when it started to blister a thin layer was then applied. It reduced the swelling, the redness went away and the pain went away within 30 minutes. There is absolutely no scarring. It healed quicker than other stuff that I have used in the past for accidental burns. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is good for all ages and skin types no matter what it is used for.”